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When Positive Drive, Speed Control, Drainage, and Airflow are Imperative


Straight Line Wire Belts can be configured in the most open design possible without compromising strength.  It can be easily retrofitted and is easy to splice.  It is made from food safe stainless steel with unobstructed openings that allow for easy cleaning.  3-A sanitary certified versions are available.



Wire mesh belt styles include balanced in both flattened wire and round wire varieties, self-tracking and compound balanced among others.  They are available in a wide range of diameters, custom face widths, cleaning grooves for additional product buildup prevention and many other options.



Used where the slippage and tracking of a friction-driven belt would cause faulty operation. A chain-driven belt includes three main elements:

  1. Fabric to carry the load (the chainweave belt itself)

  2. Cross members to support the load

  3. Chain to drive the load

Woven mesh belts moved with positive drive make for a smooth ride. This is ideal where product stability, drainage and airflow are critical.  Chain driven belts are also useful on inclines/declines, slippery conditions and for carrying heavy loads.


Flat wire belt is a continuous assembly of flat wire pickets connected by straight round wire inserted through positioned holes. The belts are used to secure an absolute straight drive, provide additional strength, and obtain positive speed control. This construction is used where positive drive and definite belt speed control is imperative and where belt slippage and tracking, usually present on friction drives, would cause faulty operation.

A smooth carrying surface makes flat wire belts popular in the canning and food processing industries, as well as in drying, freezing, washing and parts transfer processes.  Flat wire belting is offered in a variety of materials including wear-resistant stainless steel which hardens with use.  These are best for abrasive applications or when product release is critical. 



Spiral conveyors which use vertical height to save floor space can benefit from the advantages of stainless steel turn belts which can make tight turn radiuses and help to maintain proper product spacing and alignment. Versatile for light and heavy-duty these belts are designed to move baked goods, meat, poultry and prepared foods.




Sprockets are available for both standard and heavy duty belting in cast iron, stainless steel and plastic UHMW materials.

  • Very Durable
  • Rigid-Won’t change shape over time
  • Positive Drive
  • Smooth Surface
  • Easy replacement of damaged or worn sections
  • Maximum drainage and airflow
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Sanitary, food grade versions available
Flat Wire Rolls.jpg


Stainless Steel conveyor belts are strong and durable making them ideal for most industries, especially:

Raw products like food service or unpackaged goods including bakery and seafood.



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