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Durable, Affordable Solutions for a Wide Variety of Applications

Like Thermoplastic belts, Lightweight Rubber belts consist of a fabric core but are differentiated from Thermoplastic by their Thermoset Rubber covers.  Rubber types might include:  natural, gum rubber, SBR, neoprene and nitrile.


Available in single ply and multi-ply rubber elastomer, EPDM and silicone.
These belts are used in many of the same applications as thermoplastic belts, however the rubber properties such as low temperature flexibility, grip characteristics and durability set them apart as a cost effective solution for a variety of applications.


These belts come in a multitude of thicknesses and profiles which offer different properties such as: roughtop, wedge top, siped, longitudinal, crescent, chevron, and smooth.

  • Impact, Abrasion, Tear Resistant
  • Grip Profile for Steep Incline/Decline Available
  • Light Weight to Heavy Duty Execution
  • Flame Retardant According ASTM D378
  • Excellent Grip in Wet and Dry Conditions
  • Laterally Rigid
New developments in lightweight rubber belting also provide for reduced energy consumption and emissions by applying a dry fabric treatment to the underside of the belt. This reduces noise and friction, enabling reduced power usage.
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Industries that commonly benefit from lightweight rubber belting:

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