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Construction covers a multitude of products such as windows, shingles, wood and pulp products, boxes, cans and more.  The Pacific Northwest has a growing need for specialty belting to convey these materials safely and efficiently.  Historically the domain of heavyweight belting, today’s more precise modern conveyors are challenging this convention.

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Construction Materials and industries like Can and Boxmaking commonly benefit from:

Lightweight Rubber : Durable with a multitude of thicknesses, durometer variances and profiles for custom grip.  Suitable for incline/decline conveyors.

Learn more about our new high-tech, low friction and energy efficient lightweight rubber belts.

Plastic Modular : Simple design, easy maintenance with enhanced worker safety in a variety of materials and configurations.

V and Round Belt : Non-slip, high durability and dimensional accuracy.  Oil, chemical and water resistant.

Power Transmission : High speed, low shock for quicks stops and starts, stable, oil, water and grease resistant.

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