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Grocery stores have never had to meet a higher standard of cleanliness than now.  Such extensive public interaction places both customers and employees at a higher risk of infection.

Historically checkstand belts have been found to carry a high microbial population, making them a target for more stringent sanitary practices.  Until recently there were few options for a more sanitary checkstand belt.  Our Molchem™ products can help you meet this tough standards and communicate to your customers that you care for their health and well-being with high quality laser printed graphics.

Molchem™ offers a variety of unique grocery store products to promote a more hygienic environment throughout your store that not only supports health and wellness but also reduces the risk of liability.

Our service team is available for on-site installation of most checkstand belts


Cloninger Install pic edit.jpg

Coated Checkstand Belt : EPA Registerd and FDA approved surface agent to reduce harmful microbes.

Daily Cleaning Step System : Three step process that continues to inhibit the growth and proliferation of microbes.  FDA approved and independent lab certified for efficacy. 

Checkstand Daily Cleaning App : A free web based app for retailers to train and confirm employee usage of the Daily Cleaning System.

Message Mat : Similar construction to the coated checkstand belt, message mats are intended for use in high traffic areas.

Extended Protection Hand Sanitizer : Next level hand sanitizer extends protection for hours and feels great on hands.

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