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It’s no secret the world is becoming smaller and logistics is playing a big part in bringing us all closer together.  High speed, durable conveyors are more demanding than ever.  From traditional lightweight rubber to high-tech low energy, we have the belting and experience to meet those expectations.

Our consultants are ready to help you save time, money and effort.
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Package Handling, Warehouse and Airport applications commonly benefit from:

Lightweight Rubber : Durable with a multitude of thicknesses, durometer variances and profiles for custom grip.  Suitable for incline/decline conveyors. Also available in new environmentally friendly formulations to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Plastic Modular :  Simple design, easy maintenance with enhanced worker safety in a variety of materials and configurations.

V and Round Belt :  Non-slip, high durability and dimensional accuracy.  Oil, chemical and water resistant.

Power Transmission : High speed, low shock for quicks stops and starts, stable, oil, water and grease resistant.

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