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Blankenship’s belting support extends to Outside Equipment Manufacturers or OEM’s.  Our experience and special bulk pricing can be a powerful tool in your arsenal of services. We can help in project design, unique belting solutions and troubleshooting problem systems.

Our consultants are ready to help you save time, money and effort.


We offer all of our belting resources to our OEM partners, including:


Lightweight : Economical with a wide variety of options.

Homogenous Thermoplastic : Non-Porous, Low absorption surface with the highest hygiene level available.

PTFE : Silicon coated for high release, open flame and cryogenic cooling.  Ideal for tortillas and other press baking processes.

Stainless Steel : Durable, water resistant and hygienic, mesh, wire, flatwire and other options available.

Plastic Modular : Open bricklay pattern for easy cleaning, simple maintenance, repair and replacement.

V and Round Belt :  Non-slip, high durability and dimensional accuracy.  Oil, chemical and water resistant.


Power Transmission : High speed, low shock for quicks stops and starts, stable, oil, water and grease resistant.

Pulley Lagging : Pulley lagging increases friction with the conveyor, which in turn reduces load and wear on your conveyance system.

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