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Kevin gained his first knowledge of the belting industry at a Global belting manufacturer where he discovered the unique qualities of products like seafood, berries, snack foods, fruits, vegetables, wood pulp and more to become a product specialist in lightweight, rubber, modular, stainless steel and specialty conveyor belting.

He has spent over a decade as an Account Manager, traveling from Washington State to Oregon, Alaska and Idaho and beyond helping customers large and small find effective solutions for their most complex conveyance needs.


Dan Crawford learned the properties and applications of lightweight, rubber, modular, stainless steel and specialty conveyor belting as a technician for over 12 years before being promoted to Account Manager at a Global belting manufacturer.  Dan now has nearly a decade of Account Management experience in agriculture, industry, logistics, bakery and more specialized products manufactured and processed in the Pacific Northwest including Eastern Washington. 

His BA in Environmental Science adds a solid base of knowledge that translates into an unparalleled understanding of customer’s diverse needs including growing concerns with energy/water efficiency and ecological footprint reduction.

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