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Blankenship  Equipment has been owned and operated in the Pacific Northwest since its inception in 1990.  This gives it deep insight into food products unique to the region. Bakery, confection, snacks like granola, berries, seafood and poultry each have particular qualities that demand creative solutions for the most efficient processes.

Our consultants have over 20-years of combined experience specializing in these industries and gaining first-hand knowledge of what works and what does not.

Our product line is tailored to industries in this region which means you don’t have to waste time sifting through endless options to find the right solution for your processing needs.

Our consultants are ready to help you save time, money and effort.
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Baked goods undergo a particular transformation from sticky dough to a solid final product. Throughout the process of forming, cooking and cooling, hygiene and cleanliness remain a constant priority. A multitude of challenges obviously underlie this process.


We can help eliminate opportunities for error and inefficiency by recommending the best belts for the job such as:

Lightweight Thermoplastic : Economical with a wide variety of options.

Homogenous Thermoplastic : Non-Porous, Low absorption surface with the highest hygiene level available.

PTFE : Proprietary coated for high release, open flame and cryogenic cooling. Ideal for tortillas and other press baking processes.

Stainless Steel : Durable, water resistant and hygienic, mesh, wire, flatwire and other options available.

Plastic Modular : Open bricklay pattern for easy cleaning, simple maintenance, repair and replacement.

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The Pacific Northwest has an abundance of agricultural crops. Hops, apples, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, potatoes and onions are just a few of the wide variety of commercially processed fruits and vegetables in this region. To reduce loss of product during processing, delicate handling and a sanitary environment are required. Due to the seasonality of these products down-time due to faulty machinery is not an option. We can help you plan ahead for your harvest and processing with a well-designed system and back up belts just in case.


Commonly used agricultural belts include:

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Blankenship Belting employs seafood specialists who have learned on the ground and at sea from Seattle to Kodiak and Dutch Harbor Alaska. Our consultants have spent time on processors gaining first-hand knowledge of the commercial fishing industry. Pollock, salmon, oysters and other shellfish demand different processing needs, while value-add creates another dimension of complexity. We can help.  


Some common belting solutions for these challenges include:

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The Pacific Northwest's meat and poultry industries are thriving. Meat processing methods vary even more than the product itself. Grading, trimming and dressing, breading and frying, cooling, weighing, slicing and portioning, x-ray and metal detection each require a unique answer. Because food health and safety has never been more important, we carry materials certified for food contact that meet FDA regulations and support the directives of ISO 22000 (formerly HACCP).


Belts commonly used in meat and poultry processing include:

Lightweight Thermoplastic : Economical with a wide variety of options.


Plastic Modular : Open bricklay pattern for easy cleaning, simple maintenance, repair and replacement.

Homogenous Thermoplastic : Non-porous, low absorption surface with the highest hygiene level available.

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