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Superior sanitation, efficiency, and easy maintenance for the most demanding production needs.

Solid plastic belting, also known as homogeneous, or positive drive belting, offers a variety of unique benefits.  These belts are extruded out of one piece of homogenous thermoplastic urethane.  Since they are offered with no reinforcing fabric and have low absorption characteristics they exhibit the highest hygiene level available.  They are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, covers and customizable options.

Solid Plastic Belting such as Volta are essential to food-grade products because they conform to the highest standards for quality and reliability, reducing many critical issues in modern food production and processing, especially where cross contamination poses a threat.  They are compatible with ISO 22000 directives (formerly HACCP) and most belts are FDA/USDA approved and EC Compliant.

They are available in extremely durable and cut resistant versions and can be spliced onsite by a very quick method that minimizes downtime.  They can also be custom engineered with different thicknesses, sidewalls, flights, texture, perforation, endless splicing, V-guides and lacing. 

Many Homogenous Thermoplastic belts are propelled forward and locked into side-to-side motion by positive tracking.  This positive drive minimizes tracking issues and also means there is no risk of slippage and no need for tensioning devices.  Blankenship Belting offers positive drive sprockets in traditional white as well as hygienic blue to minimize the risk of food contamination.
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Industries that with a high sanitary standard commonly benefit from Homogenous Thermoplastic belts such as:

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